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Alice in PolyLand Book – Personal Story

Alice in PolyLand Personal Story

Good morning, Love,

Huge shout out to everyone who have contributed to my campaign! I’m at 28% in just quick 3 days! Woo-hoo! And thank you very much for a mystery supporter with a huge heart who has pledged $200 last night without any reward! You made my day xoxo You guys are all awesome!

Want to know what drives me to write this blog, why I’m in the Healing & Sexuality field and want to publish Alice in PolyLand Erotic book? Please read on and watch my video on it!
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This book is very close to my heart as I (I’m sure not unlike many of you) come from a very conservative environment. Culture, where societal judgments, shame, guilt are some of the blocks that stop complete and free expression of sexuality. Internalized, these judgments create internal walls – separating sexuality from the entirety of ourselves, blocking our creative expression. At times, making us turn against our very core.

So what does it take to accept and authentically express your sexuality, to listen to the voice within that leads you into the depths of who you truly are without fear or worries about the judgments of others?

This sensual book (printed on silky white paper with luscious skin-like varnish and deep colorful visuals) contains a collection of erotic sketches followed by practical tips on how to play out similar scenes.

My deep desire and hope are to inspire you to play out your own deep seated fantasies and help you unleash your own deep-seated desires, empower and motivate you to discover your personal gifts and take another step in the journey toward living authentically-aligned lives full of love, pleasure, self acceptance, connection and passion.

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