Sexual Guidance Services

I believe that every human being deserves to have a happy, pleasurable and fulfilling life full of passion, creativity, and bliss. Judgement free sex education plays a big role in how we feel inside. Whatever your knowledge or skill level is; regardless of the type of relationship you’re involved in (or solo) I’d love to share my knowledge and passion with you!

Please scroll down for the list of Sex Education services I offer, custom sessions and private workshops are always available upon request. Let me be your guide to Breathtaking Sex, Playful Spirituality and Life full of Creativity and Passion.


Energy Play and Meditation Magic with Sensuality Exploration

Connect with the Magic of Energy Healing and Meditation, focus on relaxation and feel into the worlds that you thought never existed… Sense into your sexual energy center and bring the sensual energy into your field. Enjoy the energetic boost and the calming effect of deepening into yourself.

Covered topics may include:

  • Learn to Meditate and relax
  • Sense into your energy centers and learn about chakras
  • Feel into energy all around us
  • Focus on opening the sexual center using a variety of techniques
  • Deepen the connection with yourself and your desires
  • Embody the passionate, sensual energy within you
Sexual charisma and self confidence

Some of us are not self-confident and feel uncomfortable in our own skin. Learn to change the way you feel about yourself, work on establishing self-loving practices to appreciate and embrace the unique and beautiful expression of who you truly are.

Covered topics may include:

  • Who am I exploration
  • Exercises on understanding one’s needs
  • Love languages
  • Deepening into your sensuality/sexuality + confidence building
  • Meditative/visualization techniques and sensuality opening practices to feeling more beautiful, loved and endlessly sensual
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
Sexual and emotional blocks removal and deepening into oneself

…Deep within us lives a force – a powerful energy of self-expression, joy and ultimate pleasure. The force called sexuality.

Societal judgments, shame, guilt are some of the blocks that stop complete and free expression of sexuality. Change the way we see it, skew our frame of reference. Internalized, these judgments create internal walls – separating sexuality from the entirety of ourselves, blocking our creative expression. At times, making us turn against our very core.

Learn to uncover the hidden blocks, question the guilt and shame and allow your full beautiful essence to shine forward.

Covered topics may include:

Relationship Spice

Long term relationships are great source of comfort, love and support for so many of us. However, sexual relationship suffers from the monotony and predictability. Learn the reasons why long term relationship love life suffers, and what we can do to spice things up.

Covered topics may include:

  • Opposing Human Needs
  • Uncovering issues
  • Turn ons and turn offs
  • Self-awareness and confidence exercises
  • Connection Deepening exercises
  • Fantasy exploration
  • Communications
  • Tease, tips and tricks
  • Intention Session Goals
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
Squirting, and G spot orgasms

Female Ejaculation and G spot orgasm – such hot topics and are source of amazing pleasure. Learn how to give and receive G-spot orgasms, people with vaginas anatomy and tips and tricks on best positions, ways to play with and please people with vaginas.

Covered topics may include:

  • Anatomy and terminology
  • Ejaculation versus orgasm
  • Techniques for the tops: fingering, toys
  • Techniques for the bottoms
  • Best positions for G-spot stimulation
  • Yoni (vulva) Massage guidelines
  • Videos
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
Prostate Play and Strap on Basics

Prostate massage may give a partner an amazing source of pleasure, explosive orgasms and lots of fun. Both partners can fully enjoy the dynamics of strap on play.

Covered topics may include:

  • Anatomy and terminology
  • Hygiene and sexual health precautions
  • Fingering techniques
  • Toys overview
  • Strap on overview and usage
  • Domination and Submission and other fun kink play elements for prostate massage
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
Spiritual Connection + Energetic Orgasms

The profound connection that is felt with the universe and oneself during Energetic Orgasms cannot be simply described by words… What a magical experience to have… Ultimate union with the universe… Total oneness… Would you like to learn to experience this ecstatic bliss by yourself and as a couple?

Covered topics may include:

  • Energetic field and centers overview
  • Experiential Energy Play – Sensing energy
  • Uncovering energetic, emotional and mental blocks
  • Non violent communications
  • Releasing inhibitions ceremony
  • Energy-based sexual/spiritual practices focusing on strengthening the sexual force within you
  • Video and tips sharing
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing


Sex Education Guidance / Hands on Individual or couples Energy Healing Sessions

Human life force that is connected to our sexual/sensual energy centers is one of the most vital and powerful ways to connect to our own sexual expression, creativity as well as a partner’s sacred life force. Charged, open and aligned expression of sexual/sensual energy brings limitless pleasure, deeper connection, stronger expression of one’s essence. Evguenia uses a Few Techniques that enhance and deepen sexual pleasure and connection for individuals and couples:

Covered topics may include:

  • Sexual Energy Cleansing and Charge – removing unhealthy energy & blocks
  • Relational Level Clearing – balancing and working on relational level of human energy field
  • Relational Cord Connection – bringing partners’ chakras into a relational alignment
  • Personal/Relational sensual exploration guidance
  • Group Hara setting – teaching about couple’s intention setting
Tantric Exploration and Optional Live Demo

Explore the incredible world of Tantra with your partner. Tantra Sanskrit for “loom” or “weaving” as well as “continuous process” is a spiritual practice that can involve sex as a gateway to better intimacy, better orgasm and orgasm control and greater sexual experience between partners. Tantra is about the movement of the energetic flow within the body and the channelling of the energy centers (Chakras) for a greater connection to oneself.

Covered topics may include:

  • Energy Centers (Chakras) and Energy Field (Aura) overview and experientials
  • Kundalini, Sexual Energy and Types of Orgasmic Experiences
  • Ceremony Experiential, space setting
  • Breathing, Grounding, Meditation and Energetic connection techniques
  • Yoni, Lingam and prostate massage techniques theory overview
  • Tantric lovemaking tips and tricks
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
  • Optional: Live erotic demonstration of Lingam and prostate massage hands-on techniques (shown on a live model or a prop depending on client’s preferences
Relationship types (Monogamy, Open, Polyamory, Swinging, BDSM Partners)

Many people are happily monogamous. Others are content being single. Then there those who are asexual. We are all truly unique – this is the beauty of being a human… Embracing the authenticity, being true to yourself and your needs. Options are Limitless when it comes to choosing a type of relationship one may create.

Covered topics may include:

  • Monogamy and Cultural Expectations
  • Opposing Human Needs
  • Alternative Open Relationship models (Polyamory, Swinging, BDSM play partners & Monogamish)
  • Community resources
  • Practical safety and other tips
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing


Polyamory 101

Most of us have been raised with the cultural expectations of meeting a soul mate, falling in love and living happily ever after while being monogamous throughout the length of the marriage. This approach works for some but, unfortunately, not for others.

Polyamory is a consensually open, alternative relationship lifestyle that allows for multiple romantic/sexual partners. A road less traveled… The literal translation of the word is “Loving Many”.

Covered topics may include:

  • Cultural expectations and reality
  • Opposing human needs
  • Alternative model experiences around the globe
  • Possible configurations
  • Benefits, principles, and common challenges
  • Boundaries, jealousy, scheduling and safe sex
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
Group Sex Education (Threesomes, Foursomes, Orgies etc.)

Group sex is one of the most common fantasies – the experience can bring lots of pleasure and fun. Would you like to learn how to navigate the group sex dynamic? Discover more on communications, negotiations and risk mitigation practices.

Covered topics may include:

  • Possible configurations, options and ways to prepare for the experience
  • Gradual steps of testing the waters
  • Where to meet potential partners
  • Sex clubs and play parties outline
  • Setting expectations, turn ons and turn offs, on-going enthusiastic and clear consent
  • Negotiations and boundaries guidelines
  • Sex Safety
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
BDSM fantasy play info/guidance (sensation play, power exchanges, bondage etc.)

BDSM is a vast playground that is only confined by your imagination and creativity. BDSM is a type of adult play that is creative, sensual and consensual, devious, playful and intense. Sexuality is not always part of BDSM, but when it is – it’s sexuality on steroids…

Covered topics may include:

  • Fantastic landscapes, uncovering fantasies
  • Practical training on how to achieve/express sexual fantasies
  • Creating an action plan
  • Safety, boundaries and communication discussion
  • BDSM (Sensation play, Power Exchange, Bondage)
  • Sex Toys overview
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing
Adult playgrounds, Stores, Workshops guidance

Whenever one ventures out into an unexplored territory, it’s always great to find the support system and like-minded people and communities. This Info Session covers various resources available in Toronto and on-line to support the pleasure seekers on whatever path they are on.

Covered topics may include:

  • Overview of various Sex Clubs, their target audience, focus and what to expect
  • Overview of available private kink parties – course of conduct and expectations
  • Sex-positive stores – focus, target audience, tips on best ones
  • Overview of various courses on sexual education, self confidence, pleasure
  • Social network kink/swingers/poly specific overview
  • Communities, support groups overview (online and in Toronto)
  • Online resources on topics such as BDSM, Poly, Sexuality and Pleasure
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing


Sex Club Guided Tour / Fantasy Exploration

Visiting a Sex Club for the first time could be nerve racking experience. Not knowing what to expect, feeling lost as to the dress code or code of conduct?

A private guided sex club tour is a safe, fun and comfortable way for single women or couples to explore an upscale sex club.

Covered topics may include:

  • Guided tour through the club
  • Negotiations, expectations, dress code and code od conduct discussion
  • Questions and Answers
  • Information session on what types of activities are available at a club (spoiler alert – swinging is not the only thing one can do at a club)
  • BDSM scene demo and optional participation from the audience
  • Alternative Lifestyle information
  • Sex safety
  • Hand outs, list of resources and Private FB group for support and sharing



Sexual Education or Sexual Pleasure guidance is a non-sexual service – all private sessions are information-based. In a workshop setting, some techniques are shown on a live model. No naked sexual contact (i.e. no exchange of bodily fluids, and /or touching breasts / or genital, oral or anal penetration) is allowed between the presenter and students during our workshops.