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Upcoming Workshops and Experiences
Upcoming Appearances
  • kink party: venetian ball Venetian Ball Appearance – 19/05/18

    Appearance: Catch me at a wonderful Venetian Ball Event (May 19th) You can find me at this awesome kink party, happy to chat or answer any questions you may have about Spicy Spirituality, Energy Play, Magical world of Pleasure, Energy Healing, Tantra, BDSM and Meditation… The party is a Fabulous Night of Elegance and Kink at Mistress Patricia Marsh’s exquisite Dungeon. Best Costume Prize: 11PM A 10-minute Energy Play Session with me will be awarded to the winner in the Boudoir. See you then!

Contests and Promotions
  • Instagram - pleasure and passion Gift Certificates for Pleasure and Passion Education

    Gift Certificates This Valentine’s Day give yourself or your loved ones a gift of pleasure and passion! You have asked – I have designed 🙂 New and improved Gift Certificates! Please PM to purchase – first 11 people will get these at 15% off. Love is all we need xoxo

  • Have a question? Send it to me

    Anonymous Question Offer Do you have a question about Energy, Sexuality, Relationships, BDSM, Tantra or Play? Please email me (with a Subject Field “Anonymous Question”) and I will answer it anonymously via this blog. xoxo

  • Monthly Prize Free 30 minutes Session Draw

    Monthly Prize Draw Have you experienced a healing with me, been to a workshop, followed my blog or received phone/email advice from me? If so, I’m happy to offer a monthly draw for a FREE 30 MINUTE healing, meditation or sex education session (in-person or skype) to you. In order to qualify, please like FB page SpiritSexLab, fill out a quick Feedback Form and leave a REVIEW on FB page SpiritSexLab about the experience you’ve had! Please also comment “This Month’s Draw” underneath this post. Winner will be notified on the last day of each month #monthlydraw #contest #SpiritSexLab_contest

Past Workshops
  • polyamory workshop Polyamory Workshop – 04/22/2018

    Polyamory Workshop – 04/22/2018 Happy to be back! Happy to announce my upcoming workshop on Polyamory at Oasis Aqualounge Where: Oasis Aqualounge When: April 22, 2018, 8.30PM Price: Free with paid club admission Polyamory translates as “Loving Many” and is a form of consensual non monogamy. This open relationship type allows for physical and emotional connections among multiple people. The presentation will focus on various relationship styles; from swinging to polyamory and everything in between. Explore both the challenges and rewarding benefits as well as  feelings around jealousy and trust. Topics will include: Monogamy and Cultural Expectations Boundaries Jealousy Scheduling Safe Sex Other Open relationship Models Q and A For venue listing please follow This link

  • happy woman workshop leader 6 Workshops in One week

    OMG! What an amazing week this was!! Three private sexy workshops with beautiful, sensual and open women! We learned about Squirting, G spots, BDSM and Tantra! We played with energy, experiences our own beautiful essences, learned lots of tips and tricks on how to spice up our sexual play. Another 3 workshops at three beautiful venues: All about Tantra, Yoni, Lingam and Prostate massage, Energy Orgasms – quite a few people had these amazing experiences right in the room and hands on Sensual exploration! Uffff. My heart is full. I’m a bit tired but feel so grateful to all of you guys! Time for a bit of a break 🙂 Please enjoy the photos and Feedback that was provided by some of you! You are awesome, and uniquely beautiful! Keep shining your essence!!!

  • energetic orgasm Spiritual Connection + Energetic Orgasms Workshop – 9/03/18

    I have a confession to make… I’m in love! In love with the energy we’re able to generate together when we’re opening up to sensual energy within, to sensations beyond the typical confines of the materialistic realm of the five senses. I am in love with the energy of love that couples emanate during connective exercises we do. I am in love with deep breaths that you take, movements your body makes, velvety smooth sexual energy you generate while trying PC muscle exercises. I love the feeling of expansion, bliss and surrender your body drops into when we practice energy orgasms. I’m in love with YOU! Speaking of Energy orgasms… Spiritual Connection + Energetic Orgasms Workshop Exclusive Energetic Orgasm workshop!! Would you like to learn to experience ecstatic bliss by yourself and as a couple? Ultimate union with the universe, total oneness are possible. To create this profound connection, we […]

  • Tantric Exploration Tantric Exploration Workshop – 10/03/18

    Tantric Exploration Workshop Explore the incredible world of Tantra with your partner. Tantra Sanskrit for “loom” or “weaving” as well as “continuous process” is a spiritual practice that can involve sex as a gateway to better intimacy, better orgasm and orgasm control, and greater sexual experience between partners. Tantra is about the movement of the energetic flow within the body and the channelling of the energy centers (Chakras) for a greater connection to oneself. Very happy to be presenting this event at The Nookie Covered topics may include: Energy Centers (Chakras) and Energy Field (Aura) overview and experientials Kundalini, Sexual Energy and Types of Orgasmic Experiences Ceremony Experiential, space setting Breathing, Grounding, Meditation and Energetic connection techniques Yoni, Lingam and prostate massage techniques theory overview Tantric lovemaking tips and tricks Hand outs, list of resources Date: March 10, 2018 Time: 8.00 – 10.00pm Cost: $25 (To purchase tickets please follow […]

  • erotic playful sensation Unicorn Night Erotic Playful Sensation Workshop – 10/03/18

    Unicorn Night Erotic Playful Sensation Workshop So excited to announce this wonderful workshop! Please join me at this sensual and playful, hands-on workshop at Oasis Aqualounge and connect to others and yourself in ways you never thought were possible! Unicorn Night welcomes couples who are looking for another female playmate and/or women who are interested in finding a couple for some hot threesome action. At 11pm,  I will present a stimulating workshop that will connect couples, threesomes & moresomes through a series of engaging and interactive exercises, involving the senses:  Guided exercises  to tune into each others sexual/sensual energy  Basic tantra instruction  Sensual BDSM (Sensation play, Power Exchange, Bondage) Non-sexual, consensual massage techniques exploring the sense of touch When: March 10, 2018 @ 11:00 am – March 11, 2018 @ 3:00 am Cost: Couples-$95. Couples-bring a 2nd unicorn for free. Women $20. 6pm -onward-free Address: 231 Mutual St, Toronto, ON M5B 2B4

  • adding spice and playfulness to relationships Relationship Spice Workshop – Aftermath

    Relationship Spice Workshop – Aftermath Thank you so much to everyone who came out to yesterday’s workshop at Good for Her. It was a small, cozy circle of open, self-aware and amazing people! We have explored so much – our turn ons and turn offs and how to use these findings to bring more excitement and connection into our relationships, love languages and primary senses. We experienced deeper connection, played with energy fields and received Sexy Tool Box tips. We also shared may fun sexy stories, received multiple ideas on how to create amazing new experiences and practiced loving / kind communication. I’m very grateful to have an ability to share my passion with you guys!

  • roses and thorns event Roses & Thorns Event Appearance – 10/02/18

    Appearance: Catch me at a wonderful Roses & Thorns Event (February 10th) You can find me at this awesome kink party, happy to chat or answer any questions you may have about Spicy Spirituality, Energy Play, Magical world of Pleasure, Energy Healing, Tantra, BDSM and Meditation… The party is a fantastic night of kink equipped with ASLAN Home Dungeon play furniture and bondage gear , lounge area and a bondage bedroom. Please PM for party details.

  • Valentine's Day Event Red Tie Affair Event Appearance – 16/02/18

    Appearance: Catch me at an Astonishing Red Tie Affair Event I will be at this High End Valentine’s Event for couples on February 16th offering free sexy giveaways! Happy to chat or answer any questions you may have about Spicy Spirituality, Energy Play, Magical world of Pleasure, Energy Healing, Tantra, BDSM and Meditation… This party is a wonderful celebration of love, affection and friendship! An event full of surprises and entertainment. If you’re planning on attending – please come by and say hi!

  • g-spot orgasms workshop Squirting and G-Spot Orgasm Workshop – Aftermath

    Saturday’s Squirting and G-spot Orgasms workshop went very well. The participants were very friendly, engaged and wonderful! It was so great to see lots of new and old faces (you know who you are;))! You made my day! The venue and the host were awesome – such a beautiful, welcoming, high end sensuality shop (The Nookie) with many wonderful toys and gorgeous lingerie sets (I’ll be back to try on more!!) just to name a few. Thank you for having me here! We’ve covered a lot of topics – went over the amazing anatomy and physiology, discovered where the G spots were located, learned and brainstormed on how to best set up the sensual space and put our partner in the mood. And, of course, went over quite a few techniques on Yoni massage and G-Spot stimulation including the best penetration poses. Feeling very grateful!

  • yoni Women’s Healing Circle – Yoni

    We had a wonderful, cozy Women’s circle yesterday with the focus on Yoni. Lots of heart felt sharing about sexuality, personal stories, education anatomical studies and technique discussions on achieving more pleasure. So wonderful to have an open forum like this to voice our views, fears, fantasies and dreams! Thank you to all that came. I received this wonderful reflection after our session – feeling incredibly grateful: “Thanks very much for the recommendations and the images, and of course the session today. I very much enjoyed having space to learn and discuss something that is not in ‘normal’ life. What we have these Sunday mornings is really quite special.”

  • sex education workshops Relationship Spice, Sex Club Tour + Group Sex Presentation – Aftermath

    11:11 was a busy day for me… I had three sexy and delicious events running back to back! It was an amazing experience! From teaching “How to Spice up Long Term Relationships” at a beautiful and inviting @goodforher store for a great open-minded crowd to leading a private tour and a Group Sex workshop at a wonderful/spicy adult playground @Oasis. We have covered multiple topics with regards to relationships – exploring ourselves, communicating with our partners about our turn ons and turn offs. I shared a few techniques and “states of being” that I find completely paramount when it comes to keeping things spicy, fresh and exciting. We had great discussions with regards to open relationship possibilities and how to approach ideas of threesomes and moresomes. There was also quite a few interesting experientials around relationships deepening exercises and a bit of hands on play at the dungeon during our […]

  • 30 minutes Free Session Winner Announced

    Every month I ran a Contest Draw for a 30 free minutes consultation/healing with me. If you’d like to take part in this exciting offer (the session could be delivered in person or via Skype) – please follow this Link for Details. Just ran an Online random number generator and we have a winner! I have contacted O. A. via FB – please claim your prize!! Thank you so much everyone for participating.

  • Women's healing circle Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – 2017/11/19

    Monthly Women’s Sexual Healing Circle Workshop Invite! This circle will focus on Yoni, Vulva, Vagina – our sacred vessels of sexuality and pleasure. *** As women, we often focus a lot on giving and less – receiving… sexually we tend to be more about pleasing and less about self ❤️ love. We also don’t often talk about sexuality and yet we have so much to share and learn from each other. I feel called to create a women’s circle focusing on deep sharing and sexual healing. Judgement free, open and supportive circle of women aligned to fully embrace their sexuality and self love. Would you like to join me? ?✨ Date: November 19th, 10.00 am -12.00 pm Location: Private Residence in North York (will be given upon registration) – Small, supportive group of women – Judgement free sharing – Energy and sexuality discussion / exploration – Movement and Meditations – […]

  • Women's Healing Circle Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – Aftermath

    My heart is full of gratitude, love, openness and pleasure from connecting to Seven beautiful women from today’s Women’s Circle! My second chakra is pretty charged too lol We had a full house of amazingly beautiful, sexual, wise, open and fearless women! We’ve shared stories, laughed, learned new Tantric techniques, experienced pleasure and danced to our own life force’s rythm… We also played with our senses and extra sensory experiences. We opened up to new possibilities, sensations and play ideas. Thank you so much for making this circle so special! I love the sense of support, open judgement-free, full of love sharing and community we’ve created together. Here’s to more circles (next one is coming up in a month:)).

  • Sex Club Show and Private Tour Aftermath

    My whole life’s journey has been geared towards uncovering and claiming authentic parts of myself. Allowing a little more space for what my truth it. Conquering my fears, aligning with my passions and dreams no matter what. Sadly, I have lost some people along the way. Not everyone understands me. Yet I feel so much more aligned with who I am inside, my own sexual and spiritual expression. So much so that I really want to pay it forward and see the same sparks of happiness, self-love and confidence light up in others. It makes me feel happy, warm and bright inside and out. As if we can light up our whole globe with love, beauty and guilt-free self expression. Yesterday was one of those days when a group of beautiful brave people has joined me to explore some of their fantasies, conquer fears, reclaim parts of themselves they felt […]

  • Women's Healing Circle Women’s Sexual Healing Circle – 2017/10/15

    Women’s Sexual Healing Circle Workshop Invite! As women, we often focus a lot on giving and less – receiving… sexually we tend to be more about pleasing and less about self ❤️ love. We also don’t often talk about sexuality and yet we have so much to share and learn from each other. I feel called to create a women’s circle focusing on deep sharing and sexual healing. Judgement free, open and supportive circle of women aligned to fully embrace their sexuality and self love. Would you like to join me? ?✨ Date: October 15th, 10.00-11.30am Location: Private Residence in North York (will be given upon registration) – Small, supportive group of women – Judgement free sharing – Energy and sexuality discussion / exploration – Movement and Meditations – Energetic exersizes – Divine Feminine Ceremony – Q and A (topics vary monthly)   Energy Exchange: – $30 pp, please RSVP […]

  • Sex Club show invite Sex Club Show and Private Tour

    Please mark your calendars! October 7th, 11pm is going to be an amazing fantasy show by yours truly and a gorgeous model themed “Boardroom To Bedroom: Naughty Office Play”. I’m offering a private Sex club tour starting at 9.30pm. Please message for details and RSVP to reserve your spot. You wouldn’t want to miss this one. • I will guide you trough this human labyrinth of desires • Learn about an alternative lifestyle • Relax and release inhibitions (take it to your comfort level) • Resources + Homework • Private FB group for sharing During the Demo at 11pm I will cover: • A few ways one could play at a club using elements of BDSM • Discuss Consent, safe words and soft and hard limits • Right on the spot viewers will come up with a hot scene for the model • You and/or other volunteers would be able […]

  • Poly Workshop Aftermath

    Who’s happy? ? I am very happy! Poly workshop aftermath: – Amazing crowd – Lots of great questions and answers – Tonne of fun! Evening well spent! We learned how marriage came about, what percentage of mammals are monogamous (any guesses? ?), how can Polyamory benefit you and which challenges one would face. Thanks so much to everyone who came out – feeling very grateful to be able to share my passion with you! P. S. Did you come to the workshop? Here’s the follow up email in case you haven’t received one (I couldn’t understand some of the email addresses from the sign up sheet):     ✨??#laughter #playtime #spiritsexlab_workshop #polyamory #polyworkshop #workshoptoronto #workshopto #sexeducation #sexed #sexeducationto  

  • Polyamory Workshop

    Hi guys, I’m ecstatic to be leading a workshop on Polyamory this coming Sunday. It’s been a few years since I’ve first embarked on an open relationship journey after 18 years of a monogamous marriage. Wow, what a ride it has been. So much fun, pleasure, depth, love and… of course a few mistakes – made along the way. Meet me live to learn about ins and out of Poly world, why monogamy doesn’t always work for everyone, how to navigate other open relationship possibilities from “monogamish”, Non sexual BDSM play to swinging. I’ll be happy to share a few personal stories and answer any questions you may have, so that the journey you’d like to embark on is as easy as possible 🙂 P. S. New to a sex club and would like a private tour? Meet me prior to the workshop for a small group private guided tour. Please […]

  • Private Sex Club Tour and Show Aftermath

    What a night! A few wild highlights included: A Live show with a gorgeous naked young woman tied to the cross, unable to move, blind-folded enjoying sensation play and an explosive beautiful orgasm (round of applause for my beautiful female volunteer on display and to my private tour participants who got to play with her and make her cum for the very first time in front of a big crowd) Handsome man – receiving a prostate massage, growling and shaking, unable to move right after the explosive orgasm in front of tens of people with amazing fun participation from the crowd (way to go, you were unbelievable!) Front row seats/beautiful participation from my daring and sexy private tour guests 25+ onlookers cheering the whole thing on And, of course, lots of helpful tips on spicing up relationships – for any taste (monogamy, monogamish, poly, bdsm play) with handouts on safety, […]

  • Private Sex Club Tour and Show

    Guided Sex Club Tour Have you always wanted to see what happens behind the closed doors of adult playground clubs but were to chicken to try ;)? I have a perfect solution for you then – please join me for the night of guided exploration: • Mystery place visit (sex club) • I will guide you trough this human labyrinth of desires • Try a fantasy play (for those open to it) or watch a scene/try a workshop • Learn about an alternative lifestyle • Relax and release inhibitions (take it to your comfort level) • Resources + Homework • Private FB group for sharing $40 pp plus entrance fee ($5-20 depending on the group size) Please PM to RSVP

  • Energy Play Workshop

    Come one – come all! Our Energy Play workshop is back by popular demand. Connect with the Magic of energy healing and meditation, focus on relaxation and feel into the worlds that you thought never existed… Enjoy our cozy meditation circle: – Learn to meditate and relax – Sense into your energy centers and learn about chakras – Feel into energy all around us – Focus on opening the sexual center using a variety of techniques – Deepen the connection with yourself and your desires – Emdoby the passionate, sensual energy within you Date: June 4th, 10.30-12.00 AM Adress: North York (Please contact for details) Details: Entrance is $30, space is limited to 8 people, please RSVP/pre-pay to reserve your spot, please bring a yoga mat if you have one.

  • Unicorn Night Workshop

    I’m happy to invite you all to my next workshop at Oasis Aqualounge. On May 13th, At 10:30pm, I return to demonstrate how to connect more intimately with your partner and/or your newfound playmate. Join us in the Ballroom to explore sexual energy fields: Sense into and play with your sexual energy and that of others Feel into the energy of love and compassion Combine the two by connecting sexuality to the heart Experience depth and synchronicity that come from deepening energetic connections with others while experiencing your own beauty and sensual nature Event: Unicorn Night: Sexual Energy Exchange Date: May 13th, 10:30 PM Location: 231 Mutual Street, TO, ON M5B 2B4 Cost: Couples-$95. Couples-bring a 2nd unicorn for free *must arrive and pay together. Unicorns are free between 8:00pm-12:00am. $20 onward.

  • Fantasy Play Workshop Aftermath

    We had a wonderful workshop on Friday speaking about Spirituality and Sexuality, practicing Tantra and sensing into energy all around and among ourselves. Great crowd! Lots of wonderful questions asked about prostate massage!! Very happy to have taught at Oasis.

  • Fantasy Play – Workshop

    Hi lovelies, I’m happy to let you know that I’m organizing another workshop for Sexual Goddesses and their loved ones at my cozy home studio. Here’s the info, please email for details. ❤️ Relationship Spice: Sexual Fantasies Exploration ❤️ Workshop Details: April 2nd, 11AM – 1PM, North York During this 2 hour workshop we will discover fantastic landscapes and focus on: • BDSM (Sensation play, Power Exchange, Bondage overview) • Creating an action plan to achieve/express sexual fantasies • Safety, boundaries and communication discussion • Toy chest with a few practical ideas of creating the best play • Resources + Homework ❤️ Presenter ❤️ Evguenia is an accredited Energy Therapy Practitioner and a Sex Educator who graduated from the World’s Premier Hands-on healing program. With 4 years of extensive healing training and experience, avid interest in spirituality, human relationships, psychology and sexuality Zhenya is passionate about helping others live […]

  • Rope Workshop Aftermath

    March break came and left, we had loads of fun during our week off. It’s great to be back… Our Rope workshop went very well – we learned about safety, simple ties, handling rope and a few fun bedroom bondage positions. We also focused on tension aspects of connective rope and a few key ingredients for a great scene creation. Stay tuned for another rope workshop – coming up soon!

  • Energy and Prostate Play : Workshop

    Happy to announce my upcoming workshop “Energy Exchange and Prostate Play” as part of a Sex School at Oasis Aqualounge. Here’s the information of the event: Explore sexual energy fields and the power of chakras with your partner during Sex School: Energy Exchange and Prostate Play. This dynamic presentation will also include a hands-on element, using tantric techniques and prostate massage to create a deeper sense of intimacy and connection. Visit the Ballroom at 10pm and discover the following: Energy fields/chakras and their meaning with the focus on sexuality. How to become aware of our own and other’s energy fields. How to use sexual energy using a series of meditative visualization techniques and play. Hands-on tantric techniques to add more play and pleasure in your life. Date: Friday April 7, 2017 10PM Cost: Couples $95, Women $20 Address: 231 Mutual Street

  • Sensual Tantric Energy Play Workshop

    Sexual Education Centre at the University of Toronto (S.E.C) is hosting the following event that I will lead: Join us on Friday afternoon to learn about Tantric energy play, touch-free! At this workshop, we’ll… – Learn about energy field/chakras and their meaning with the focus on sexuality – Become aware of our own and others’ energy fields – Charge our energy fields with the focus on sexual energy centers using a series of meditative visualization techniques, energy play and dance movements – Experience deepening connection with the earth, oneself and a partner – Learn about hands on tantric techniques to add more play and pleasure into your love life Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring an open mind! We’ll try to have yoga mats available, but we encourage you to bring your own! This event is free and open to everyone! This event is wheelchair accessible by elevator. There is […]