Book Sexual Healing or Coaching Session

Book session with Evguenia on Energy Medicine, Meditation Guidance and Sexual Healing or Education appointments – available as single sessions and discounted packages.

Single Sexual Healing or Energy Therapy Session

A single session format is a good way to sample an Energy Medicine or a Sexual Guidance session. The initial session usually includes a review of your physical and emotional history. This information helps me understand your goals are and where you have come from.

Please see the Energy Healing ServicesSexual Guidance and Meditation Services pages for descriptions of various techniques Evguenia uses and the topics she covers during the sessions. Also, please check out What to Expect from a Session if you’d like to learn more about what happens during a typical session.

Personal Sessions are priced at $90/h (Appointments typically last around 1.5 – 3.0 hours)
Couple’s Sessions are priced at $150/h 
(Appointments typically last around 2.0 – 4.0 hours)

3 Hour Session Series

Integrating multiple sessions work as an ideal introduction to Energy Medicine or Sexual Guidance work. Furthermore, multiple sessions have cumulative effect as I help you release energetic blocks, and you start embodying the newly learned skills.

Fee for 3 Hour Personal Session is $260 (5% off the regular rate)
Fee for 3 Hour Couple’s Sessions is $425 (5% off the regular rate)


Great 6 Hour Session Series

To deepen your healing and learning process, Evguenia recommends to build a momentum and invest into 6 Hour Session Series. This approach allows you to consecutively work on various aspects of your system and deepen your personal growth and sexual education knowledge.

As a result, sessions done a week apart allow you to increasingly deepen your contact with yourself. They deliver more benefit by building on the progress of each of the previous session.

Fee for 6 Hour Personal Sessions is $485 (10% off the regular rate)
Fee for 6 Hour Couple’s Sessions is $810 (10% off the regular rate)


Amazing Value 12 Hour Session Series

For on-going well-being and energetic balance, continuing personal growth and amazing value feel good option, 12 Hour Session Series is an amazing gift towards contentment, happiness and multidimensional pleasure. This approach helps keep your body, mind, heart and spirit in balance longer, instilling new healthy habits and aligning with your personal/relational, sexual or health-related goals.

All Sessions could be set up from the convenience of your home, travel destination or out on the beach (over the phone or video conferencing via Zoom).

Fee for 12 Hour Personal Sessions is $915 ($76.25 per session, 15% off the regular rate – $165 in savings)
Fee for 12 Hour Couple’s Sessions is $1530 ($127.50 per session, 15% off the regular rate – $270 in savings)


*Please note that all purchased package credits expire within 6 months from the day of purchase. Please see Terms and Conditions to learn more on what to expect from Sessions / Workshops.

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