Emotional Balance, Stress Release

Healing Circle – Emotional Balance and Stress release

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Monthly Event Invite! Emotional Balance + Stress Release Mindfulness Welcoming all genders to our March Circle! This beautiful gathering promotes human connection, support, shame-free sharing on topics of sexuality, spirituality and personal growth. Quite often our minds tend to wonder and scatter. Thousands of thoughts run around our heads just like a bunch of crazy […]

Authentically express your sexuality

Authentically Express your Sexuality

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“What does it take to authentically express your sexuality? Listen to the voice within that leads you into the depths of who you are.” Alice in PolyLand Have you listened to this voice lately? Comment: what is it telling you right now? Best way to connect with your playful, wild part of yourself is by […]

Alice in PolyLand Personal Story

Alice in PolyLand Book – Personal Story

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Good morning, Love, Huge shout out to everyone who have contributed to my campaign! I’m at 28% in just quick 3 days! Woo-hoo! And thank you very much for a mystery supporter with a huge heart who has pledged $200 last night without any reward! You made my day xoxo You guys are all awesome! […]

Podcast Alice in PolyLand

Alice in PolyLand Update + Podcast

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Hi there, Sexy! I have exciting news! I was able to land a better production agreement and RELAUNCHED my Kickstarter Campaign with a more optimized goal to cover printing costs only! Pre-order my very first Book + Get lots of Prizes: Inspirational guide on transformational sensual journey from shame & suppression to unsurpassed passion, pleasure […]

Roses Thorns Kink Party

Roses & Thorns Workshop + Party Aftermath

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Roses & Thorns Workshop + Kink Party Aftermath Beautifully elegant women – wearing lacy lingerie, latex, corsets and sheer clothes highlighting their curves… Sensual, empowered, open and discerning. Well dressed gentlemen – sincere, vulnerable, playful… Sumptuous foods. We had so much fun! Thank you to everyone who came out to the tour! We learned about […]

highest form of ignorance


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“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” Wayne Dyer How does ignorance live in me? How do I contribute to this phenomenon worldwide? Perhaps, in making instant decisions on going towards or away from something on the initial reaction of subconscious judgment alone? Projecting my previous experiences […]